A free programme for parents of 3 - 8 year olds

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Incredible Years Programme

Problem behaviour in children causes enormous family stress, and parents can feel alone and helpless, but a positive and well balanced family life is possible.

Parent training remains the single most effective way to help young children with challenging behaviour problems.

Incredible Years has been trialed and proven to work with most children in many different cultures and countries, including New Zealand.

The programme helps you develop strategies to build positive relationships with your children and to manage problem behaviours

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The programme aims to help you:

  • Overcome challenging behaviour

  • Connect with your child

  • Stimulate your children’s development

  • Gain skills to feel more confident and positive about your parenting

  • Establish better relations with your child’s teachers

  • Grow through social and emotional coaching

  • Use effective praise, encouragement and limit setting

  • Employ positive discipline and handle misbehaviour

The way it works:

  • Parents work together with facilitators and each other to find solutions that suit them and their family best

  • Parents learn a range of new positive skills

  • Uses role play and real life interactions to teach skills

  • Homework encourages parents to practice their new skills at home

  • Parents in the group are encouraged to support each other outside of the course

I’m setting my family up to be happy with behavioural strategies that really work
Big, big changes just by giving them positive attention


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 Programme Details:

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14 x 2.5 hour sessions Once a week, with a two-week break during school holidays

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13-15 Gladding Place, Manukau (09) 2610070

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Tuesday night programme starting 13th August - 26th November 5:30-8pm.

Wedneday morning starting 14th August - 27th November 9:30-12:00pm.